welcome to our delicious corner Our meals are combinations of traditional cuisine of Azerbaijanis presented in the modern perspectives.
Fresh ingredients and special meals
take a sip of our innovative drinks Cocktails in Vintage Gastro Bar are prepared by our Bar Manager Rufat Mehdiyev, whose creativity and technic makes the guests experience unforgettable and one of the best in town. There is no place in town, where the guests can order the cocktail based on gin with homemade quince essence. Signature cocktails the most delicious flavor combinations The majority of dishes prepared by our chef are signature dishes, which are served only at the Vintage Gastro Bar. Unique dishes

About us

We created our own version of Art Deco, focusing on Baz's numerous remarks, which he left in the ``fields``. The end result is a restaurant and bar that is filled with wealth and beauty inspired by Gatsby's extraordinary ambitions, his optimism, and the romance of his soul. Crystal chandeliers, mirror surfaces, metal decor elements, which also reflect light - all these details including Vintage decorative elements create unforgettable environment.

The process of cooking is already motivational for a chef. In my particular case, it's to hand-pick ingredients and to bring new flavors through different new and traditional culinary techniques to see that “chef's kiss” when my guests experience it.

Araz Rzayev


For me, making cocktails is a science. The ability to mix fluids correctly is similar to the art of painting. First of all I am motivated by the final result and the pleasure that guests get from this drink.

Rufat Mehdiyev

Bar manager


Our best specialties

We pay special attention to the ingredients and we make sure that all of our products are locally resourced. These provides the unique experience to our guests and ensures that products are fresh and high quality.

A special selection of

Our unique dishes

Sake Tuna with Cherry Flakes
à La Minute Beef Tar Tar
Exotic Chicken Salad
Tacos Sebet
Tomato Risotto
Shanı Trout
Mushed Celery
Pistachio oat squares
Signature Ice Cream
Chocolate Honey Cake
Our food philosophy

Our team

Our team is composed of well-educated specialists who know their job well. Each of them is prepared individually, and the staff in the kitchen, bar, and service go through special training a high standard of the customer care until they reach to the guests.


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