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About Us

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About Us

We created our own version of Art Deco, focusing on Baz's numerous remarks, which he left in the ``fields``. The end result is a restaurant and bar that is filled with wealth and beauty inspired by Gatsby's extraordinary ambitions, his optimism, and the romance of his soul.

Crystal chandeliers, mirror surfaces, metal decor elements, which also reflect light – all these details including Vintage decorative elements create unforgettable environment.

My advice is to be an explorer. One ingredient can be so versatile, can give so many things, you just need to learn and be able to implement that knowledge in the kitchen.

Mirismayil Hasanli

Sous Chef

Being a good mixologist is not enough to become a bartender. First of all, I advise you to keep working on yourself, be stress-resistant, build up patience and desire, be attentive to the words and recommendations of your mentors at the bar. It’s important to understand people and study their psychology, because every bartender is a psychologist.

Rufat Mehdiyev

Bar manager